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Who is this book for?

One Thursday in June we received a Whatsapp video of a delivery guy grabbing his head in dispair while he watched as more than 300 bottles of Quilmes beer tumbled the fuck over. A few hours later, we published this tweet:

After that, we were able to clearly see the GREAT power that Twitter has generating so much with very little. We used this same reasoning in campaigns like "Moria" for ‘Orange is The New Black’ and "Pinedo" for ‘House of Cards’ and we realized that it is something that is available to everyone.

That's why we wrote this book: to help anyone who has a project, a venture, a band, an idea or whatever they want to promote. There are 140 tips that come from the experience of working for many years with some of the biggest brands in the world and they’re explained so that everyone can put them into practice almost instantaneously.

PBecause it doesn’t matter if you're a giant brand or a family business: Twitter can be beautiful, but only if you know what to do with it.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Anzu & Javi


Javi de la Fuente, (@JaviLafont) Creative Director at Niña. He has worked in advertising for more than 10 years for brands like Quilmes, Netflix, Adidas, Warner, Spotify and many others. More than five years ago, he discovered how much fun it is to erase the boundaries between traditional advertising, the Internet and social networks.

The Internet always gave him many joys: it allowed him to work on big projects, win several prizes and become a millionaire in the process. The last one has yet to happen.

Anzu Muraca, (@AnzuMuraca) Digital Content Director at Carlos and Darío. HFor over 10 years she has been working in advertising for brands such as Quilmes, Netflix, Adidas, Warner, Spotify, among others. She naturally began to combine creativity, strategy and the internet, discovering a killer combo.

Thanks to the internet, she was able to take part in amazing projects, win several prizes and claim to have the best work in the world: there has not been a better time in history for advertisement.


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